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Independent Certified Aromatherapist

Having pursued an education and career as a Life Coach, Juanita Jo purchased Springs Nutrition from Twila Guengerich and has been a health and wellness advocate of Springs, PA.  She graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology: Life Coaching. Through a journey that gave her many twists and turns, Juanita Jo knew in her heart that she wanted to pursue a career in coaching people to reach their health goals as naturally as possible.

Over the last few years, Juanita Jo has coached people from a variety of different backgrounds and health concerns. She has shaped her life around caring for others and helping them make the best possible choices for their current health needs.  She specializes in educating her clients about vitamins and supplements that can help them meet their health goals.

Jessica Faidley is a 39-year-old wife and mother enjoying life with essential oils and healthy living. She got into aromatherapy about ten years ago. When she noticed an alarming trend of essential oil misuse she decided to become a certified aromatherapist with Heart of Herbs School in Reidsville, NC . Jessica wants to bring awareness to essential oil users about wise ways to enjoy their oils. 

"Essential oils can be a wonderful tool for enhancing a healthy lifestyle, but we must treat them with caution", says Jessica.

Jessica enjoys coming up with essential oil blends for skin care, diffusing, and household cleaning. Diffusing is her favorite way to use essential oils. Jessica's favorite oils are peppermint, rose geranium, and jasmine.

Being a mom of three young adult and teen kids, Jessica found unique and holistic ways to use essential oils around her family and pets. Even her husband has become accustomed to essential oils and keeps a bottle of tea tree in his bathroom for minor skin irritations like small nicks after shaving. It's safe to say the Faidley's are an essential oil family.


Lori Sines is a licensed massage therapist and owner of The Body Cure. She is a lifelong resident of Meyersdale, PA where she now raises a family along with her husband. Lori has been practicing in the Meyersdale area since graduating in 2010 from the Career Training Academy in Pittsburgh with a degree in Massage Therapy. She loves to help people and is known for her caring touch, kind disposition, and amazing talent. She offers many modalities but is best known for her incredibly relaxing, custom massage. If you're tired, sore, or stressed; pamper yourself. Come see Lori and let her melt your troubles away.



Tech Support for Springs Nutrition

Associate of Springs Nutrition

Associate of Springs Nutrition

Serving over 12 years in the U.S. Military Roger was integral in automating the inspection process for the Inspector General of The Marine Corps. 

After leaving the Marine Corps he became a Realtor until returning to Pennsylvania where he next worked for Fayette County Government.

From a very young age,  Roger realized that he had a great interest in helping others.  Being a member of many volunteer organizations ultimately led to a stronger desire for helping others.  Subsequently, Roger became a paramedic and served for over 30 years in EMS.




Growing up in a military family Betty has Scottish heritage on her mother's side and has lived in many interesting places around the world. She attended high school in England.  She married a military guy, Don, and they have lived in many places in the U.S. She and her husband enjoy going to auctions in their spare time and we enjoy hearing of their finds. Betty loves spending time with her grandchildren and two sons as well as gardening and observing wildlife and especially birds. Betty greets Springs Nutrition clients with a cheery "hello" and tries to quickly make you feel at ease.  She also tries to help you maximize your budget as you shop.
Jacquie was a long-time client of Springs Nutrition before joining our team and has always valued a holistic approach to life.  She loves growing all types of things but her favorite type of gardening is growing flowers and herbs.  She is working on getting her Flower Essence certification.  She also loves walking the land and birdwatching which she learned from her father.  It was their way of getting away from everyday stress.  Jacquie's father was renowned for his handmade muzzleloaders.
Jacquie enjoys children and has invested much in our local community through her work over the years with children and families at The Family Center in Salisbury.  She also loves spending time with her two teenage grandsons and is mom to David and Tara.

Associate of Springs Nutrition

Associate of Springs Nutrition

Associate of Springs Nutrition

Amy Maust has been with Springs Nutrition for four years and takes care of sales, office, and book work. She is most often with us in the summer and during the school year is a first-grade teacher's aide at Salisbury Elk Lick Elementary.

Amy is Sharron's daughter, and like her mom, she enjoys canning things. She also
enjoys raising chickens and cooking ethnic foods. She has one daughter, Grace, and is married to Joe. Amy has an infectious giggle and daily finds things that amuse her.

Sharron Shawley has been with Springs Nutrition two years and fills in as needed. She welcomes you as you come into Springs Nutrition with a warm smile and always goes the extra mile around the store.

She is a proud grandma of six grandchildren and mother to five children. She and her husband, George, have been married forty-six years and live on a crop and beef farm in Garrett County, Maryland. Sharron is an avid flower grower and loves making her own flower arrangements.  She is the real deal who grows and cans her own produce. She also enjoys puzzles and reading.

Joelle Yoder is employed at Springs Nutrition as part of a work-study high school program and brings a lot to Springs Nutrition with her kindness and sincerity.  

She loves musical theatre and playing the piano.  She is the daughter of Juanita Jo.


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