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Healthy Life Coach Juanita Jo Yoder is phenomenal! I have been her client for over a year. We are able to connect by phone and email. Juanita Jo is truly a blessing to me. The supplements she has recommended for me have been working effectively to strengthen my body. Juanita Jo listens to you and uses several state of the art techniques to come up with a plan to best meet your needs. I am so blessed to have her as part of my life and wellness team. I look forward to many more years of friendship and Sisterhood as we continue this journey of healing and wellness. When I count my blessings, Juanita Jo is truly at the top of my list!! I would strongly recommend others who are experiencing issues with their health, to contact her and allow her to do an assessment with you. You will not regret it! Blessings and Healing!! Yolonda L. Kelsor, M.S.
Yolonda L. Kelsor, MS, APPS Ohio
After seeing a number of health practitioners I happened to stop at Springs Nutrition. I was suffering from GI problems after years of taking antibiotics. I was offered health coaching and at first I was very skeptical since I had been to a number of practitioners. I have to say I have experienced more improvement over the last six months as I have in the number of years I have been fighting this problem. My problems didn't occur over night and I know it will take some time to feel good again but, I know I am on the right track. Thanks so much to Springs Nutrition!
I have used Fernwood Essential oils for aromatherapy: 1) room freshener 2) relaxation 3) and even to protect my room from bedbugs after my son had an infestation next to my room. I also use the oils in laundry soap, foaming hand soap, dishwasher liquid, bathroom surface cleaner, first aid, skin care, and sprays to freshen a room. I have had very good results in using them and have found them to be very reasonably priced for its outstanding quality. I am looking forward to finding more uses and will experiment more freely due to its affordability.
Arhlene Kentucky
After five pregnancies, 4 births, and 7 years of nursing it was an understatement that my body was depleted and tired. For the last couple of years I had noticed a trend where I would get body aches and exhaustion at least once a month that would be severe enough that it impacted my daily living for several days. I wasn't able to take care of my family and other responsibilities that I was committed to. It got to a point where my husband became very concerned for my health, wondering if I needed to see a specialist, fearing that something very seriously could be wrong.

That is when I decided to give Juanita Jo a call. After our initial conversation she recommended some basic vitamins to get me started on. It wasn't a week later after taking the supplements that I noticed a huge difference in not only my energy levels, but quality of sleep, digestive functions, and overall emotional and physical well-being.

In the past, I have tried other brands of supplements, with very little absorption rate. I remember seeing a doctor years ago and after all the blood work he took every time I saw him he was continually stumped that I was not absorbing the vitamins well. This is where Integrative Therapeutics stands apart from other brands.

Finally, I love the customer service that Springs Nutrition provides. Not only is Juanita Jo knowledgeable, but she is kind and takes the time to listen during her health consultations. She is always willing to take the time to answer my questions. I love that the products are shipped directly to me in a timely manner and that orders of $50 dollars or more are shipped for free.

Do yourself and your health a favor - call Springs Nutrition today for a health consultation. You will be glad you did!
Joanna C. Kentucky
My favorite product is the beauty balm. I cannot use this enough!! I love the texture of the balm. The rose geranium and jasmine are so aromatic that I can smell the balm on my skin all day long. It’s also very hydrating! I absolutely love it!! The oils are such great quality. I am not an expert on oils, but I have purchased oils before. I have an oil diffuser and purchased oils from amazon that were considered high quality. I would have to put 10-15 drops into my diffuser to get the aroma to fill a room in my house. However, with the oils from Spring Nutrition I only need 2-3 drops at the most! I was so surprised!! These oils are extremely reasonably priced for how much use you get out of each bottle! Fantastic quality.
Khristina Florida
I purchased my first bottle of Integrative liquid omega three oil nine months ago as advised by my opthamologist to treat dry eyes. After taking one teaspoon full daily, the dry eyes improved. But most impresive is that my total cholesterol nimbers have been reduced 75 points. Thank you for making me aware of this beneficial product. It even has a pleasant lemon flavor and no burping of a fishy taste.
Anna Mae G. Pennsylvainia
Olde Doc’s beard oil is great! Light scent that is just the right strength. Beard feels great. Also, if you’ve had oil itch your skin, this one doesn’t do that! Great oil for beards, would definitely recommend.

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