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Springs Nutrition is located inside Springs Store in Springs, PA, and is part of the Springs Store legacy. The store has been at the heart of Springs and serving the community since the 1800s. It is not uncommon for someone in their eighties or nineties to return to Springs and fondly recall memories of coming into the store as a child. We try to give a warm “welcome home” to the old-timers of Springs and to those coming for the first time.

Springs Nutrition - Juanita Jo Yoder moved from Wilmore, Kentucky and in 2014 purchased Springs Nutrition from Twila Guengerich. Twila started Springs Nutrition about 15 years prior and retired when she was 82 years young! Juanita Jo has continued to carry the quality vitamins and supplements that Twila so carefully selected and recommended. Juanita Jo provides consultations for those wanting to utilize natural products to achieve wellness goals and has many clients from other states whom she has never met face to face, providing consultations by phone and mailing products out daily. 

Springs Store - In 2017 Matt and Hannah Byler purchased Springs Store and have kept the best of the store’s legacy (like a preservative-free bakery) while creatively moving the store toward a homesteading supply store. Juanita Jo is grateful to Matt and Hannah for continuing to provide space to Springs Nutrition to serve the local community and the larger community of people who love Springs Nutrition and Springs Store.

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